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School Staff

List of our school staff

Senior Management Team  

Head Teacher  Colette Murray
Acting Depute Head Teacher  Pauline Cluness
Principal Teachers   

Class Teachers

Primary 1  Angela Mackie
Primary 1  Shamsa Akram
Primary 2  

Laura Prentice

Primary 3/2  

Sophie Dunnigan

Pauline Cluness

Primary 3  

Kathryn Smith


Primary 4  Nicola Calder
Primary 5/4  Kristin Glancy
Primary 5  Rosemary Craig
Primary 6  Ruth Moir
Primary 7/6  Rhida Sneddon
Primary 7  Judith Harrison

Support for Learning

Christine Turnbull
Lorna Mackie




Lorna Logan (Tues/Thurs)
Fiona Adam (Thurs/Fri)

School Office

School Secretary  Winifred Strachan
Office Staff  Elaine McCormick
Hazel Gill

Pupil Support Workers

Linda McLay 
Frances Walker
Anne Cordner
Linda Johnston
Sheila Geddes
Diane Hutchison 
Nadia Halliday
Nicola Hardy

Early Learning and Childcare Staff

EYO  Iona Harrow
Early Years Practitioners  Fiona Watson 
Alana Bennet

Sylvia Buckle

  Emma Clark

Pupil Support Workers

Elaine Joyce
Frances Walker
Sheila Geddes

Language Centre Staff

Principal Teacher  

Moira Hendry

Emily Renner

Class Teacher  Carole McGonigal
Outreach Teacher  Becky Linscer
Val Aitken
Sarah McIvor
Emily Renner 
   Tracey Bowman
Early Years and Childcare Teacher  Fiona Laird
Early Years Practitioner  

Morag Lind

Pupil Support Workers  Ines Garcia
Dorothy Brodie
Facilities Manager  George Wilson
School Cook  Dorothy Sibbald

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