All pupils are requested to wear our school uniform. Hoodies and football colours are not permitted.

We consider it very important that pupils come to school wearing our school colours - blue and yellow. These colours can be combined with white and grey.

A suitable dress code has been established:

  • Murrayfield embroidered sweatshirt (available in blue)
  • Murrayfield embroidered polo shirt (available in yellow)
  • Murrayfield embroidered cardigans (blue)
  • Murrayfield school tie
  • Murrayfield embroidered fleece and waterproof jacket (blue) The above items can be ordered through the school office.
  • Dark trousers/skirt
  • Yellow or white polo shirt
  • White shirt/blouse - to be worn with a school tie
  • Black shoes

Our aim is to have 100% compliance with the school dress code.

The Council will not be responsible for loss of or damage to pupils' clothing and personal belongings including mobile phones. Valuable items, including jewellery and unnecessarily expensive articles of clothing, should not be brought to school.

School Clothing Grants are available to parents in receipt of a qualifying benefit, application forms are available from the school or online.

Reconditioned or worn only once school uniforms are always available, our uniform stall is open on regular Friday mornings throughout the session. Lost property is also regularly on display for parents/carers to claim left or lost items. We encourage all clothing to be clearly labelled to ensure items can be quickly returned to the relevant pupil.

Please contact the school office for further details.